Our mission is to pursue values and methods that we believe in: quality, expertise, ethics, market and improvement.
The Mastering.it audio labs (ex VBG Audio Labs) studios started in 1990 and achieved many hi-quality recordings in many genres: acoustic, electronic, pop, rock, folk, metal, jazz, classical, rap / trap, brit-pop, indie.
Our main modern studio allows deep care of all stages in music production, with a big studio room accomodating full orchestras and groups.
We are known to be "creatives and cerfectionists", thanks to our great attention to details, factor that separates our recordings from those "home-made" amateur productions: ours are much more refined and ready for Record Industry.
The studio is managed by creative and skilled sound engineers and musicians with over 20 years' experience in sound and music.

All stylistic choices and techniques derive from a deep design and experience.
Our technical and artistic services are the following:


  1. Professional recordings, editing, mix, mastering
  2. Executive productions for artists ("sound managing", arrangement, musicians)
  3. Trasfers and Audio restoration (for archive, forensic evidence, technical expertise), from analog tapes, vinyls, D.A.T., Mini Discs
  4. Audio and audio/video pre and post-productions, even in multichannel formats (surround 5.1)
  5. Voiceovers, sound design, cinema and theater soundtracks
  6. Audio Mastering (according to the specific red book / blue book / DDP)
  7. Live multitrack recordings Mobile studio - Outdoor Multitrack Recordings - (up to 64 tracks - Matrix, preamps, microphones and splitter included)
  8. Audio for advertising
  9. Rehearsal Room for artists and bands
  10. Musical instruments and audio equipment rental (backline)
  11. Audio + Lights Rental Company - P.A. in surround mode (on request), too.
  12. Cross-over tuning: Preset programming and cloning, for audio optimization of any audio system (stage, monitors, Foh, line-arrays) with dsp and electronic cross-over management (Lake, Xta, Bss, Dbx, etc). Adapting of protected presets to new compatible devices, custom programming, complex network engineering.
  13. Courses for musicians and aspiring sound engineers
  14. Phonometric Measurements
  15. Acoustic design of listening environments, acoustic analisys and treatments for noisy environments
  16. Acoustic design for buildings
  17. Professional appraisals in acoustics, sound and musical fields
  18. Audio productions for theater
  19. Record label
  20. Audio legal report
  21. Denoising and audio filtering
  22. Research, development and innovation
  23. Audio solutions in the field of augmented reality and immersive sound
  1. Video filming, direction and editing
  2. Sound design and audio/video optimization
  3. Master Production for DVD and CD Extra (A/V)
  4. Custom DVD Authoring
  5. Music videos
TEACHING (Italian section only):
  1. Sound engineers - basic level "Sounds for Live and Studio"
  2. Sound engineers - Advanced level
  3. Individual and custom technical courses
  4. Drums lessons
  5. Harmony, Ear training lessons
  6. Open Tunings masterclass

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